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Tater Tot: A Valuable Children’s Book Series


Tater Tot’s Children’s Book Series Teaches Kids Important Life Lessons

There’s nothing better than reading to your children. It’s a wonderful way to bond, and it fosters a lifelong love of reading.

What if you could turn that special time into a fun, easy way to teach your child important values? A new children’s book series lets you do just that. The adventures of a loveable bulldog named Tater Tot teaches children how to live with honesty, care, and respect for others.

The Tater Tot book series turns reading into the perfect opportunity for teaching empathy, kindness, and accountability while having fun.

Turn reading into a true learning experience. As your children travel with Tater Tot on his many adventures, they learn about being helpful and kind.

You’ll discover that Tater Tot has a lot to teach everyone, including adults. He’s happy to share his life lessons with every reader.

Who Is Tater Tot?

Tater Tot is an adorable bulldog who’s described as having “a smushy face, white fur with brown and black heart-shaped patches, and a tail curled up like a cinnamon bun.”

He’s the star of his own book series. Each book focuses on an important life lesson for children. Reading along with the charming, funny bulldog’s adventures makes it a painless learning experience for you and your children.

Laura Holman Byrne calls herself Tater Tot’s biographer. He inspired her to write stories about him after seeing his sweet, helpful nature in many situations. By watching Tater Tot get in and out of trouble, children learn that it’s normal to make mistakes. They also learn how to cope with life’s challenges in a positive way.

What Is the Tater Tot Children’s Book Series?

This children’s book series is designed to deliver a life lesson with each story. If that sounds like a dreary read, you haven’t experienced the magic of Tater Tot yet.

These books are the opposite of dreary. They’re lively, engaging, and fun to read. Tater Tot is a charming life guide whose adventures will keep your child guessing until the end.

Have Fun Learning with Tater Tot

Tater Tot is a funny, adorable guide to learning life’s lessons. You’ll find these books invaluable if you have a child who needs help with:

  • Keeping promises.
  • Meeting deadlines.
  • Apologizing for your mistakes.
  • Listening carefully to others.
  • Sharing.
  • Being patient with others.
  • Understanding how others feel.
  • Treating everyone with kindness.

You might think your children are born knowing these things, but that isn’t always the case. Children and adults both need to learn these habits. They need to learn how the things they say and do affect others.

Lecturing and scolding don’t work, as you’ve probably learned. The best way to impart these lessons is through a fun, sweet story that lets them see these values in action. Tater Tot makes teaching empathy and accountability easy.

Tater Tot Teaches By Example

As Laura Byrne says, “Understanding not only how we act but also how others perceive our actions, attitudes, and words gives us valuable information on how to best communicate with others to bring about the best outcome in any situation. It all seems very easy, and yet every day all around us, we see examples of people not realizing how their behavior is creating problems for others.”

With Tater Tot guiding the way, your children can learn to navigate through life with a positive, generous outlook.

Stories Are a Great Way to Learn

We’ve always used stories to teach lessons. This children’s book series makes it easy to find a story that matches the lesson you want to teach.

Stories are an important way to make sense of the world. They’re the best way to reach a child.

Stories Are Easy to Understand

A study at Duke University found that telling stories has remained a popular way to learn because stories are organized in a way that we intuitively understand:

“Fictional materials often have a narrative form. They tell stories with a structure (for instance, beginning, middle and end) that is familiar to everyone. Research in cognitive science has shown that this narrative structure increases learning and long-term retention because it provides people with a way to organize the information.”

Stories Are a Healthy Escape

A well-told story is a wonderful way to help children deal with their problems. A fictional story is a safe way for children to:

  • Escape to a magical world.
  • Experience life from another person’s eyes.
  • Feel a sense of excitement.
  • Learn common cultural values.
  • Develop their imaginations.

Stories Are a Great Way to Learn to Read

Reading to your children is the first step in teaching them to read. Children who hear stories are eager to start reading themselves. Studies have found that children who hear stories can benefit even before they learn to read. These children:

  • Improve their vocabulary.
  • Increase their ability to understand new words.
  • Improve their spelling.
  • Learn to think creatively.
  • Develop a love of reading and learning.

The Illustrations Bring Tater Tot to Life

The Tater Tot children’s book series features wonderful illustrations that bring Tater Tot’s world to life. They feature the pup in all his cuddly, cute glory with his big, happy eyes and chubby body.

The full-color illustrations bring all the characters and settings into vivid detail. Tater Tot’s world is vibrant and colorful, and children will enjoy slipping into it for an extended break.

Why Is Tater Tot a Great Teacher for Kids?

You know that reading with your children is the best way to help them love reading and learning. Now, you can teach reading skills while you’re teaching empathy, respect, and accountability.

He’s Not Threatening

Kids are naturally drawn to animals. They’re born sympathizing with them and relating to them. Many studies have found that children see animals as their natural counterparts. They see animals as non-threatening, loving companions.

He’s Funny and Friendly

Tater Tot is a great companion for your kids. With his goofy smile and his clunky bulldog body, he’s not too “perfect” to appeal to kids. He may even remind them of their own occasional goofiness.

He’s Not Judgmental

Too many books that aim to teach a lesson are just that. They’re a lesson. They’re preachy, boring, and dry. Kids who read them feel like they just sat through a lecture.

That’s not the case with the Tater Tot stories. This is a children’s book series that is a joy to read.

He’s a Real-Life Dog

One of the most charming aspects of this book series is the fact that it’s based on a real dog.

Imagine discovering that your favorite fictional or movie character is living and breathing. When they discover that there’s a real Tater Tot with his own social media accounts, children will feel that they have a real-life hero. You can show them pictures of the real Tater Tot on Instagram and other accounts.

What Can Tater Tot Teach Your Kids?

Each of the 12 Tater Tot adventures focuses on a different message. You can use them when you’re teaching empathy, respect, accountability and kindness.

Keeping Your Word

The Tater Tot children’s book series begins with Tater Tot at the Chase: A Happy Helper. It features the adorable pup as he wakes up, starts his day, and gets ready for adventure.

As the story progresses, Tater Tot finds several reasons to avoid doing what he promised. He’s so wrapped up in making a special birthday happen that he forgets what he promised. He thinks he’s helping when he’s getting in the way.

In the story, he gets his friend Chef Paul in trouble by interfering with Paul’s plans to make a birthday cake. When Tater Tot’s parents and friends realize what’s happening, they intervene with love and patience to help Tater Tot get back on track. Everyone works together to create a happy birthday celebration in the end.


Children will find it easy to empathize with Tater Tot as he goes through his day. They’ll learn that you get the most value from life when you understand how other people feel. That’s one of the most pro-social values you can teach your children.


With Tater Tot setting an example, children can learn that it’s easy to be kind to everyone. They see the way his charming, helpful sweetness makes everyone feel better.


In one adventure, Tater Tot learns that not doing what you promised can have consequences. Every Tater Tot story ends with a resolution based on patience and understanding. Children learn that these qualities can resolve problems without anger or punishment.

Learning to Listen

Sometimes, Tater Tot is so eager to get on with his adventure that he doesn’t stop to listen. That can create some madcap plot twists. In the end, Tater Tot fixes the problems he causes with the help of his family and friends. As always, the main lesson is that kindness can resolve every issue.


Your child will empathize with Tater Tot as he makes a serious mistake that hurts someone’s feelings. Your child will experience the sweet puppy’s sense of guilt and sadness, and they will also learn that the way to relieve those feelings is to apologize sincerely. They also learn that making amends is part of a true apology.

Learning Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an important value. You can teach your children how to forgive without feeling that forgiveness is a weakness. When Tater Tot holds onto anger, it makes him behave in ways that make him feel worse. When Tater Tot can forgive and move one, he finds inner peace and contentment. Your child follows him on this emotional journey and learns an important lesson.

Who Is the Team Behind Tater Tot?

The woman who brings Tater Tot to life is his chief biographer, Laura Holman Byrne. Watching the antics of her beloved bulldog made her realize that Tater Tot had a lot of love and wisdom to share. She started the children’s book series as a way to bring Tater Tot’s life lessons to all children.

The illustrator who brings Tater Tot to life is Evan Quel. His illustrations show Tater Tot’s favorite places in bright detail. These include the park, his comfortable bed, his favorite toys, and the animals he meets on his adventures.

Tater Tot is a Superhero for Learning

In July 2019, Tater Tot was a featured guest along with his fellow bulldog Drake, who is Duke University’s mascot. The two teamed up to deliver free copies of Tater Tot’s first book to children at the Gregory and Suzie Glazer Burt Boys and Girls Club.

“It is always a treat to meet fellow bulldogs that support education and literacy. Tater Tot and Griff share the same smushy qualities that draw people to them, which is powerful when you are talking about learning life lessons,” said Erin Bell, Drake University’s live mascot handler.

How Many Books Are in the Series?

Tater Tot at the Chase: A Happy Helper came out in 2018. It’s the first adventure in this children’s book series. There are 12 more books slated for publication.

Where Can You Buy Tater Tot’s Books?

Tater Tot At The Chase: A Happy Helper is available for purchase online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Start a New Adventure in Learning and Life

With Tater Tot’s help, your child can enjoy a wonderful reading experience filled with color, fun, and Tater Tot’s adorable antics. Let this friendly puppy take you and your children on a new adventure in learning and life. Visit Tater Tot’s website to learn more or visit your favorite retailer to buy your own copy of his first book.