Children's books that teach a lesson

The Importance of Children’s Books that Teach a Lesson

“I don’t believe in the kind of magic in my books. But I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.”― J.K. Rowling

When it comes to our children, we want to see them succeed and become the best version of themselves without putting too much pressure on them. We want to help them unlock their full potential so they can easily make crucial life decisions later on in life and positively contribute to society. Encourage your children to read life lesson books from which they can learn lessons. These lessons can enlighten them with the use of the right tools that will come in handy in a tricky situation. You will find that children’s books that teach a lesson will prove to be quite beneficial down the line as they progress into their adulthood. 

Benefits of Reading

The human brain is like a vast network of roads and highway. The infrastructure is always changing as the brain develops new connections and breaks off the unnecessary linkages. That’s why shaping up your child’s mind is vital from an early age so they can easily power through challenging life situations. An easy way to do that is by introducing them to books. Research has shown that parents expose their children to an estimated 78,000 words every year by reading one picture book every day, which enhances their vocabulary by 1.4 million words in just five years. And quite possibly making it easier for their children to get into kindergarten. Reading has several health benefits as well; it can help you and your child with:

Reduced stress levels: Believe it or not, your stress level can be reduced while reading a book; the brain immediately transfers itself to a different world, causing you to get your attention away from the stress and allowing you to find peace in the book. By reading a life lesson book, you connect yourself with the characters and feel happiness when they triumph.

Enhanced brain function: Books work for your brain the same way exercise works for your muscles. By stimulating the brain, it sharpens the mind, forcing you to concentrate intensively on the words; your mind absorbs a tremendous amount of information that can increase your critical thinking and analytical skills and thus boosting your overall brain function. 

Curbed anxiety and depression: Self-help books can help you to ease your depression by stimulating the part of the brain that deals with depression. Reading stories can help you turn your day around in a positive manner. Although it is not a permanent solution, it sure can help relieve the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Better sleep: Reading enables you to relax and offers stress relief causing you to sleep peacefully. It doesn’t mean that it’ll help you fall asleep, but instead, it’s going to increase the overall quality of your sleep.

Increased life expectancy: According to a new reportreading for just half an hour every day can increase your life expectancy by two years over those who don’t read at all.

Lowered risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia: Research has found that Reading, like other mentally stimulating activities, causes your brain to stay healthy regardless of your age and helps you to stay safe from various diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Reduced eye strain as opposed to screen time:  While digital books are growing in popularity due to the accessibility, the benefits of reading a paper book are vast. The strain on your eyes from staring at a screen for hours on end is uncurable. You will save your eyes and your child’s eyes by reading a paper book in a well-lit room.

Why choose Life Lesson Books for your Children

You can enhance the book reading experience by reading life lesson books with your children; by doing so, you help them create a positive perspective on life. Children’s books that teach a lesson work as a guide for their future. And these books can be entertaining for parents as well. A Life lessons book can help you to polish your child’s values and character, allowing them to absorb powerful life lessons.

By reading children’s books that teach a lesson, your kids learn several positive behaviors, such as:

· Empathy

Research indicates that you can teach your kids to be empathetic. It’s starting to be considered as a soft skill. With the rise of hate and unrest, your kids can stand out of the crowd by having an empathetic view. You can use a life lessons book as an instrument to teach them about empathy, connect them with a character by asking, how do you think that character (in distress) feels?

That way, they’ll see things from the characters’ perspective and develop a broader outlook.

· Optimism

By reading children’s books that teach a lesson to your kids, you help them develop a glass half full mentality, allowing them to go through life with a sense of appreciation with all the experiences of life. By the happy endings of life lessons books, they’ll be able to rejoice when their favorite character emerges victorious from a difficult situation.

Remember when you were a kid, you’d immerse yourself in a story and replace yourself with the main character. You get goosebumps when that character struggles from a difficult situation but ends up developing an optimistic approach about life. That’s precisely what happens when you provide your child with life lessons books. Children’s books that teach a lesson helps your child to develop a glass-half-full mentality, allowing them to lead a happy life.

· Personal Responsibility

Another crucial aspect of children’s books that teaches life lessons is that your child will learn about their responsibility by connecting themselves with the characters, they’ll note how a character acted responsibly in the life lessons book, thereby ensuring that their friend acts responsibly.

· Balance in Life

Life lessons books are designed to teach a wide range of positive lessons to your kids, including maintaining balance in life. Balance is an essential requirement to have a full life.

· Embracing Challenges

Life lessons books also teach your kids that challenges will make them stronger, so they’ll learn to face challenges head-on instead of running away from it, thereby ensuring their victory in stressful situations.

· Working Hard

Life lessons books offer another valuable lesson for your kids; that is, working hard always pays off. These books show them that sometimes you have to do things that you don’t necessarily like, but you do it to avail the long term gains from it.

· Learning Never Stops

Stories that teach about the “importance of learning new things” regardless of age is another essential quality of children’s books that teach a lesson. Your kids learn that sometimes age doesn’t matter to learn, which helps them keep an open mind about learning new things, even when they’re playing.

· Importance of Experience

Life lessons books teach kids about the importance of experience, and no matter how much you think you know about something, you can’t be sure until you try it yourself. It makes them cognizant of the experience that their elders hold and the respect that they deserve on account of their experience and struggle.

· Staying True to Yourself

Judgmental people makes it hard for others to walk their path if they are unique and do things their way. Others mock them causing them to stray away from the route they chose to take. Life lessons books teach you to stay true to yourself and keeps you from getting away from your path.

· Don’t Make Excuses

Sometimes people worry about the results and forget about the work. They make excuses about why they didn’t try. Life lessons books teach you about the importance of taking action and why procrastination is an unhealthy trait.

· Respect Others

This is probably one of the best quality of Life lessons books; they teach you and your children that it doesn’t matter where someone comes from, their physical appearance, their profession or beliefs, love and accept them for who they are. More often than not, they will be kind to you if you are kind to them.

· Curiosity About Life

Curiosity, learning, and understanding are the lifeblood of progress, both individually and in society. There’s so much left for our species to understand about our minds, our world, and our universe in general-that the secret to change is an unquenchable appetite for ongoing understanding. The moment that we stop learning is the moment that we stop growing. This is another crucial lesson taught by life lessons books.

· Don’t Give Up

Resilience is another critical aspect of life lessons books. Resilience is the characteristic of hanging in there and never giving up even when it gets tough. Many people who have regrets are the ones who quit because the process was too hard for them even though success was nearly within reach if they tried a bit harder.

· Dream Big

It’s repeated often, but we must always ensure that we have more dreams than memories. Waking up every morning without a goal of striving will create a boring life. We get only one shot in life, and it’s too short to be wasted; another critical lesson taught by life lessons books.

· Enhance Imagination

You might have noticed that a child can make up creative stories from the simple stuff like an ink stain or a cloud, children’s books that teach a lesson, helps your child to enhance their imagination and creative thinking.

· Self-Confidence

Even adults can feel bad after making a mistake; children are the same. They might feel guilty and anxious after making a mistake causing their mood to deteriorate further; that’s why it’s vital to teach self-confidence and life lessons books can help you achieve that goal.

Choosing the Right Life Lessons Book

Now that we’ve covered the importance of life lessons books for children, we need to determine which books are suitable for your children. The life lessons book you choose for your child must fall in line with your values, as well as the values you wish to instill in your child as they grow older and are old enough to make decisions within themselves. Decisions that you hope they will make in a manner that you can truly be proud of. And to streamline that long process for you, we’ve chosen MrTaterTot. They offer multiple life lessons book that makes life lessons fun.

The latest book in the MrTaterTot series, Tater Tot At The Chase: Too Much teaches us to stay on track of developing respect in any situation; it helps us to understand balance and moderation before unwanted consequences for ourselves and others. Tater Tot makes it easier for you and your children to know why “Too much!” of any environment where balance can be challenging, such as video games, social media, computers, workouts, sports, research, time alone, friends hanging, etc. is not good and teach us to create a positive attitude.

“Too Much!” by MrTaterTot help you to teach your children about multiple life lessons about,

  • Determining the root of an issue/consequence
  • Asking for help from others
  • Creating positive habits that allow moderation to grow
  • Being humble
  • Having empathy for others
  • Being responsible
  • Planning ahead

To visit MrTaterTot’s life lessons bookstore and select a book, click here.

Twelve new Tater Tot stories will be added to his children’s book series with other essential lessons for life. You can also follow MrTaterTot on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to stay updated about the new life lessons book and to know what Tater Tot is up to these days.

Choose Print Over Digital Books

When reading life lessons books to your children, it is better to choose a print version of the book, rather than opting for a digital edition, whether interactive or not, a recent report conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan have found that parents who read from a digital book are more likely to be interrupted by their children leading to a less fun social interaction. Get a hard copy of your favorite Tater Tot life lessons book from here.