Tater Tot At The Chase
A Happy Helper

A Happy Helper leaves you unscathed as you witness the underbelly of overpromising and not delivering while learning the “do what you said you would do” lesson of a lifetime!

Reviews Are In!

“The students loved how Tater Tot talks.. that mix of reality and make-believe really sat well with them. They also keyed into the idea that even when we’re trying to help, it might not turn out as we hoped. Our school works a lot on supporting learners to be reflective and this book really supports that important skill. As a teacher, I was impressed with the number of ways that I could think about using this book with a class! You are a talented writer.”
Heidi L.Z.  
2nd grade Mom, 3rd grade Teacher

“I wanted to let you know I just received the package.  I opened it and read Tatar Tot’s first adventure right away!  Truly a great reminder of an important life lesson.  What a fun story too and I love the illustrations.  You are so generous to share Tatar Tot with our children.  I know he will make our kids smile!!!”
Michael S., Hospital Development Officer
Tater Tot Gifting Recipient