Tater Tot 411

The pup behind the children's book series

Stats About Tater Tot:

  • 1 foot, 6 inches tall
  • 40 lbs. (on a good day)
  • Smushy face
  • Cinnabum tail
Tater Tot’s Hot Stuff
  • Favorite antler to show off chewing skills when friends are visiting
  • Ladybug squeaker to occupy the time when anyone is on the phone
  • Cabinet of hygiene products…He’s a bulldog, maintenance is the name of the game
  • A stellar high five

More About Tater Tot

Tater Tot is so excited about his children’s book series! Who would have known when he was a wrinkly, pink, little pup, he would have his very own children’s book series featuring his experiences learning essential life lessons. His unique proportions, a big smushy face, an even bigger barrel chest and the tiniest waist, attached to the littlest bum that swaggers from side to side with every step, always have gotten lots of attention, but you can’t build a great children’s book series on looks alone. It was Tater Tot’s even bigger personality and capacity to make everyone feel special that made for a must-read children’s book series.


Knowing there’s nothing as important as showing respect for others, his chief biographer, Laura, thought Tater Tot making mistakes would take any criticism or judgment off the reader while also allowing the reader to show empathy for Tater Tot. Of course, you can’t have a children’s book series that is just about learning! The story and illustrations keep your attention and make you want to read the entire book over and over.  While Tater Tot’s first story in his children’s book series focuses on the lesson of doing what you said you would do, there are multiple aspects of respectful behaviors that readers can also discuss, like making priorities, learning how to say no politely and creating solutions.


A total of 12 new Tater Tot stories will be added to his children’s book series with other essential lessons for life. Moderation, acceptance, listening, apologizing, forgiving and other respectful behaviors will be highlighted throughout this children’s book series to allow little and big readers the opportunity to reflect on how they react in situations and how other people may perceive our reactions.  That’s why it is so great to have Tater Tot be our “fall guy” so we can all try to be better in our communications all the time. When people show respect for one another they give the world a chance to be a better place for everyone.


Along with more lessons for life in future stories, readers will get to meet more of Tater Tot’s friends and see lots of fun places Tater Tot goes. When Tater Tot is not working on his children’s book series, he loves to woof it up with friends and family at the park where there are lots of different friends to meet. The other day he saw a baby bunny hopping into a flower bed, two ducks walking through a big puddle and four turtles jumping off a rock into a point. Everyday with Tater Tot could be its own children’s book series. Other children’s book series that Tater Tot likes to read include Dr. Suess and Clifford, The Big Red Dog, The Ramona Collection, What Should Danny Do, The Pokey Little Puppy, The Wonderful Things You Will Do and The Little House on the Prarie,  to name a few. Thank you so much for reading Tater Tot’s first story!

Photos Of Tater Tot