A Children’s Book About Helping Others

Tater Tot At The Chase
A Happy Helper

In his first Adventure, Tater Tot‘s children’s book about helping others offers a non-judgmental way to discuss the important life lesson to do what you said you would do / keeping your word / finishing what you start and that even the best intentions may have unintended consequences.

Reviews Are In!

Heidi L.Z.
2nd grade Mom, 3rd grade Teacher
"The students loved how Tater Tot talks.. that mix of reality and make-believe really sat well with them. They also keyed into the idea that even when we're trying to help, it might not turn out as we hoped. Our school works a lot on supporting learners to be reflective and this book really supports that important skill. As a teacher, I was impressed with the number of ways that I could think about using this book with a class! You are a talented writer."
Michael S., Hospital Development Officer
Tater Tot Gifting Recipient
"I wanted to let you know I just received the package. I opened it and read Tatar Tot’s first adventure right away! Truly a great reminder of an important life lesson. What a fun story too and I love the illustrations. You are so generous to share Tatar Tot with our children. I know he will make our kids smile!!!"
Rolf I Holman
"The message that resonates from this book is good for all. I originally was going to order one for each of my employee's with small children. After Reading it, I'm going to give to all as this life lesson learned applies to everyone. The animation and the level of emotion in the book is great. I will certainly be on the lookout for future releases."
Cathey Nickell
Super Cute With Life Lessons!
"Tater Tot is an adorable bulldog who teaches universal respect and other life lessons to children. The book is adorable with amazing illustrations! My niece (who is 9 years old) loves reading it whenever she comes over. I highly recommend this book for your child's library, and I'm so glad I bought it. I've heard that the author has another Tater Tot book coming out down the road, so I intend to collect the whole series as each future book is released."