A NEW Life Lessons Book Sure to be a Popular Children's Book

Tater Tot At The Chase: Too Much!

Just in time for the over-do-it season
The second volume in Tater Tot’s children’s book series stays true to the squishy pup’s mission of creating respect in any situation. “Too Much!” helps us understand the concepts of balance and moderation before we see unwanted consequences for ourselves and others. Tater Tot makes it so easy to understand why we don’t want to do “Too Much!” that any area where moderation can be difficult, e.g., video games, social media, computer, exercising, playing sports, studying, time alone, hanging with friends, etc., will be so much easier to discuss and create good habits.

 “Too Much!” also offers several clues for readers of all ages to create moderate behaviors, such as:

  • Identifying the source of a consequence / problem
  • Asking for help
  • Offering examples to confirm a concept
  • Creating habits that make moderation possible
  • Practicing moderation habits
  • Saying “Thank You”
  • Helping Others
  • Planning ahead

Again, Tater Tot gives us a children’s picture book that engages the most distracted readers with rich illustrations and a charming story.

Reviews Are In!

Heidi L.Z.
2nd grade Mom, 3rd grade Teacher
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"The students loved how Tater Tot talks.. that mix of reality and make-believe really sat well with them. They also keyed into the idea that even when we're trying to help, it might not turn out as we hoped. Our school works a lot on supporting learners to be reflective and this book really supports that important skill. As a teacher, I was impressed with the number of ways that I could think about using this book with a class! You are a talented writer."
Michael S., Hospital Development Officer
Tater Tot Gifting Recipient
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"I wanted to let you know I just received the package. I opened it and read Tatar Tot’s first adventure right away! Truly a great reminder of an important life lesson. What a fun story too and I love the illustrations. You are so generous to share Tatar Tot with our children. I know he will make our kids smile!!!"
Rolf I Holman
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"The message that resonates from this book is good for all. I originally was going to order one for each of my employee's with small children. After Reading it, I'm going to give to all as this life lesson learned applies to everyone. The animation and the level of emotion in the book is great. I will certainly be on the lookout for future releases."
Cathey Nickell
Super Cute With Life Lessons!
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"Tater Tot is an adorable bulldog who teaches universal respect and other life lessons to children. The book is adorable with amazing illustrations! My niece (who is 9 years old) loves reading it whenever she comes over. I highly recommend this book for your child's library, and I'm so glad I bought it. I've heard that the author has another Tater Tot book coming out down the road, so I intend to collect the whole series as each future book is released."

A life lessons book doesn’t sound so fun until you see it is Tater Tot’s life lesson book! Tater Tot’s adventures bring you into his world of fun and friends and…uh-oh…something not-so-great happens. Typically we don’t have a life lessons book that makes us aware of potential pitfalls before they happen, and honestly, even if we do, we don’t always heed the advice. However, Tater Tot is too cute not to pay attention to, and he knows how to make a story interesting without taking too long to get to the point.

Tater Tot as the fall guy gives us the luxury of not being on the defensive and practicing empathy for someone who has made a mistake and didn’t have a life lessons book or didn’t comprehend what that life lessons book was trying to tell them.

Tater Tot feels a life lessons book should be smart and make the readers reflect on a situation and truly learn a lesson for life. Understanding not only how we act but also how others perceive our actions, attitudes, and words gives us valuable information on how best to communicate with others to bring about the best outcome in any situation.  It all seems very easy, and yet every day all around us, we see examples of people not realizing how their behavior is creating problems for others.

As a life lessons book, Tater Tot’s first adventure offers another point of reflection about asking ourselves if we understand what someone else is trying to convey. Those crazy television sitcoms in the 1970s were so popular because every episode was based on a misunderstanding and no one bothered to understand the truth until the final scene. That’s great television, but it makes for a very stressful life.

It would be so easy if there were a life lessons book that we opened each morning and it told us exactly what we needed to learn and once we read it we knew the everything in the life lessons book by heart. That’s not real life so Tater Tot thought he would write a life lessons book that made people want to read it over and over again and understand something better or learn something new each time.

If there were such a thing as a “Life Lessons Book” it would have many chapters and some of those chapters would have their own chapters. A life lesson isn’t just made of one thing, it involves many aspects that lead up to the life lesson. In Tater Tot’s life lesson book he shows us how much he likes to help people, but ended up causing issues for the chef, Rose, the birthday guests, the person having the birthday and so on, and so on.

Tater Tot doesn’t want anyone to feel as badly as he did once he realized how much trouble he caused for everyone. So he hopes is life lessons book will help you and others avoid this situation and feeling as badly as he did.