Tater Tot At The Chase: Too Much!


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The second volume in Tater Tot’s children’s book series stays true to the squishy pup’s mission of creating respect in any situation. “Too Much!” helps us understand the concepts of balance and moderation before we see unwanted consequences for ourselves and others. Tater Tot makes it so easy to understand why we don’t want to do “Too Much!” that any area where moderation can be difficult, e.g., video games, social media, computer, exercising, playing sports, studying, time alone, hanging with friends, etc., will be so much easier to discuss and create good habits.

Again, Tater Tot gives us a children’s picture book that engages the most distracted readers with rich illustrations and a charming story.

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“Too Much!” also offers several clues for readers of all ages to create moderate behaviors, such as:

· Identifying the source of a consequence / problem
· Asking for help
· Offering examples to confirm a concept
· Creating habits that make moderation possible
· Practicing moderation habits
· Saying “Thank You”
· Helping Others
· Planning ahead

Only available in hardback